PiggyBack Method: How to Rank in Google by Standing on The Shoulders of Giants

*We reveal how we rank for a 22,000 exact match keyword with an average CPC of $4.32 using this method / principle – actual webpage as well. No theory here!*

how to rank in google

Work hard little Timmy, and one day you’ll be promoted! Do you remember your father telling you that? Well, it’s a lie (and not just because your name isn’t Timmy), and the reason for much of the suffering in the webmaster community. The search engines have been good to some (1%), and harsh to the masses (99%); hopefully Google Authorship helps restore balance back to the average webmaster. You most likely don’t have an authority site, never will, but all is not lost. We can still piggyback off giants and reap the rewards:

“If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

Amazon Piggy Back SEO


As Prague showed, you don’t have to build the Eifel tower from the ground, if you have a mountain to piggy back (epic fail?). Sure it’s a cheap imitation but it helps the end result (getting noticed, or in this case, traffic).

The top 500 Alexa websites should be eye opening

Youtube, Yahoo, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and the list goes on. Sure, there are websites that you can never have your articles, videos, or website posted to, but just skip those and focus on the ones you can use.

They also rank very well in Google. Exhibit A) How to Make Love to a Woman

Which is a search my wife asked me to make. Now we can see Youtube has multiple listings along with yahoo answers (many know of this fact, but don’t leverage the easy ranking ability of not only Youtube, but all top alexa 500 properties. Even websites in top 20k are easier to rank than new websites). Rather than try to create a website or webpage to rank for this phrase, you can simply create a Youtube video, build links to it, and rank much much faster than if you went solo. While the yahoo answers doesn’t steer anyone to a website or purchase, this is common place

youtube dominating search results


























And remember the Raspberry Ketones craze made popular by Oprah Winfrey and the Dr Oz show? Amazon is a trusted platform, and building backlinks to your page all but ensures a ranking on the first page of Google. Same is true of Etsy, eBay, and other ecommerce platforms.

Amazon ranks well in Google



















That person is probably making a few hundred dollars a month extra because of this listing. The point is, higher pagerank, higher alexa websites tend to get the lion share of the search traffic. There is no point fighting it, or wondering if it makes sense, or is hurting the little guy; all that matters is you understand this and leverage it’s power. Regardless of your niche, you can piggyback, whether on the generic popular web2.0s, social networks, youtube, etc, or even forums in your niche. Now we’ll show you how we are ranking for an ultra competitive phrase all with the help of Facebook and our internal Link Building / Social Media marketing services:

facebook page ranking in google















Currently ranking #4 (it fluctuates) this one piggyback successful strategy is driving tons of qualified leads to our affiliate programs. It also helps that our affiliate programs are 25% recurring passive commissions each month for life of customer, so it’s a win-win for us and those that land/like the page as the end user is benefiting (which is what Google wants to see).

If you wanted to win the term “affiliate marketing” and build a new website focused on this topic, perhaps affiliatemarketingrandomwordhere.com, it would take a huge investment, and be very risky. When you stand on the shoulders of well-like giants, you cut your costs in half as well as your risk. Whether you do this on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, forums, prweb, prnewswire, youtube, and how can we forget, Ezinearticles (remember their falling out?) you still hedge your bets, and even if one authority site drops, there is always another to take its place. Your main website should always be your priority, but this is another tool in your arsenal to get more qualified traffic, and a mindset where SEO again makes ROI sense for the small-medium size webmasters, also known as the 99%.



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