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Hello Fellow Webmasters!

This is the third month Earnings report for the Squidoo lenses. In this month you can see we have increased in volume and overall amount earned. The “3rd” month we made $85. Since Squidoo delays payment by a couple months we can see we are still on the right track for growth.

If you are interested in an effective way to build links to your lenses check out this case study:


Squidoo Month 3 video of dashboard (images below)

See all the featured lenses here (click to enlarge, then Click the Expand button in top right):


Squidoo Month 3 Sales activity (click to enlarge, then Click the Expand button in top right):

Squidoo Month 3 Detailed Earnings report: (click to enlarge, then Click the Expand button in top right):

Still not quite at the $100 a month mark, but for setting up passive income, Squidoo is looking to be pretty legit.  Only downside is lenses appear to go unfeatured so you have to promote your lenses and build backlinks to them to avoid your hard earned work going to waste. Check out bookmarkingbeast.com if you want to get some serious link building power, and stay tuned for month 4 and future case studies. Comments / Questions are welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Squidoo Lense Earnings Case Study (Month 3: 553 lenses) – Make Money with Squidoo”

  1. I would be highly embarrassed to have 550 lens and only making $100/mo or not even that, someone clearly does not know what they are doing, but if you are fine with that, then i guess that is not a problem, but i would never brag about that…seems to be that you are just blindly creating lens in hopes that something sticks…do some real market research, and watch those lens bring in some real $$$ and if you neglect to promote or backlink them, then you should not be surprised that your lens are falling into the pit of hell….

    1. embarrassed to make $100 passively each month? I need to hang out with your circle of friends more often 🙂

      Seriously squidoo was a great test, but I made a post before why it’s really just a ponzi scheme of content, where the older more established lenses hang around, while everyone elses fall by the wayside.

      I did backlink the lenses and they were doing very well in Google. I was getting a lot of search traffic that was targeted and converting. The issue was with Squidoos own internal system deindexing the lenses. Thanks for making a lot of assumptions though.

  2. Real hardworker, I follow your lensmaster page but found nothing and redirected to squid home page.
    With 688 lenses, how much a lensmaster can earn? Or just wasting time with creating a lot of lenses?
    Hope you update your research, so we can see the squidoo potential. thanks

    1. hello

      Squidoo didn’t pan out the way we thought it would. Lots of the pages get deindexeed (Squidoo only has 500k indexed pages!); this is much much smaller than ehow, hubpages, or other content hubs. It’s not a bad way to make your first dollar online but we recommend other methods, such as affiliate marketing with videos, launching your own website, building a list/brand equity. Thanks for following us

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