Squidoo Lense Earnings Case Study – (Month 1 400 Lenses) Making Money with Squidoo

Hello Fellow Webmasters!

Squidoo is a top notch web 2.0 site where you can build custom webpages to build brand awareness, drive targeted traffic (and get a backlinks), and make some side money. This case study focuses on month 1 earnings for 420 Lenses we have created on our Squidoo account. You can get started on Squidoo here. It’s a lot of fun and can translate to more success in multiple ways (brand awareness, copy writing skills, targeted leads, affiliate commissions).

Follow along this case study with video:

Here is a screenshot of all the lenses (Make sure to Click to Enlarge and Choose View Full Photo), their current rank and $$ amount for the month. (This is actually a week after initial month, but you can see complete breakdown)

Squidoo Lense Case Study Month 1 420 Lenses Making Money on SquidooStudy

Here are the Actual Sales we made on these lenses lifetime to date (most are 1 month time span)

Squidoo Sales from 420 Lenses Month 1 Amazon and ebay Affiliate commissions

We are thinking month 2 is going to prove much more successful. What are your thoughts?

Happy Squidooing fellow Webmasters!

Dan and Matt Anton




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4 thoughts on “Squidoo Lense Earnings Case Study – (Month 1 400 Lenses) Making Money with Squidoo”

  1. Iv never done much on squidoo but your case study is cool are you outsourcing all of the content? and are you getting each lense ranked on google? also how much have you made of all these lenses?


    1. hi Paul,

      Thanks for appreciating the case study 🙂 . I’m outsourcing most of the work, but have done many myself. You can check out my earnings from following the video and / or post.

    1. Wasn’t for spamming but thanks for assuming :). All lenses had 100% original content on them. A few fans of the study were mass liking the lenses which caused them to investigate. Apparently the Squidoo gods got mad I was scaling up making money with them. Making serious money on Squidoo is a pipe dream and most of the posts go “red” meaning they are no longer indexed. Look at how many pages are indexed on Squidoo and you’ll see, first in, last out mentality.

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