Deep Link Building Case Study – Should I build links to my inner webpages?

Rank higher in Google with external backlinks to all pages

Did I butcher this Yoda meme? Your inner pages have as much chance getting backlinked as this image does going viral (not very good!). You need to get the ball rolling on your content promotions, otherwise you wasted time building it out or creating landing pages.

Do you find yourself only building links or concentrating on Offpage SEO promotions to your main homepage? Don’t worry, you are in good company! 99% of webmasters only focus on the homepage (as there is a trickle down effect of ranking ability), but what happens if you don’t neglect your inner pages? Let’s become an elite 1% 🙂

If you are following the how to rank an adsense / amazon affiliate website you’ll know the link building was done to the homepage (forum link building case study). Links and traffic are up, but let’s try to build up the inner pages to see if it’s worth it.

We chose social bookmarking with Bookmarking Beast and deep link building with Backlinks Indexer (rss feeds, web2.0s, etc). This is because they are economical and scalable; both have wordpress plugins available to make this process run on auto pilot.

The Setup:

30+ inner posts / pages from

500+ bookmarks each via Bookmarking Beast

30+ pages ran through Backlinks Indexer 15 times (basic allows 50 per day)

Results: Traffic provided by Piwik. Also have Google Analytics installed.

increase inner webpage rankings


The deep links built to the inner pages, posts, and key category / tag pages not only improved the overall link profile of the site but allowed the inner pages to rank for random phrases related to those product pages. While each page might only have picked up a few more visitors, with others exploding, in aggregate the amount of leads can be increased exponentially as you build up your entire web property vs only focusing on the homepage.

social bookmarking helps seo


The real takeaway is the ability to map out your website, whether for yourself or clients and then target multiple markets. If you are a lawyer, chances are your inner page about DUI or marriage divorces isn’t backlinked half as much as your homepage. Nearly any website can benefit from a stronger supporting cast of webpages. Just as important is the ability to build links / flow trust / pagerank back to your website in a safe, effective and white-hat way versus bombarding the homepage only and hoping for the best.

$3200 Yearly Niche Website Passive Income Case Study – Earning with Adsense / Affiliate Marketing

website passive income adsense

You are about to learn the secret behind earning hundreds and thousands of dollars a month passively. Passive income. Many people worship it, others shun it, but few know the true principle behind it, systems. Successful investors and businessmen know principles and systems endure. Certain criteria need to be met: measurable, repeatable, scalable and profitable. All will be revealed. The genesis of this case study started with: How to rank an adsense / amazon affiliate website

**Note** Even if you do not run adsense websites, and run a marketing agency or lead generation services, your ROI is most likely actually much higher, allowing you to earn even more following the principles in this case study.


On pace to earn $3,200 passively. This is broken down between adsense and amazon.

164.53 adsense

102.16 amazon

266.69 total for 30 days, extrapolated over 12 months (266.69 x 12) = $3200.28

adsense earnings


amazon affiliate commissions

Analysis – Why this is an amazing investment:

In the earlier case study you can see expenses were north of $2,000. Even if our expenses increased (assuming we weren’t ranking as good as we would like/needed to) all the way to $4k, this is still a very strong investment based on the numbers.

On average it may take up to 5 months to start earning from an investment website such as this. This means by month 24 (19 months of earning x 266.69) you would have earned $5067.11, or a profit of $1067.11. By month 36 you would have profited $4,267.11. That’s a 133% return on investment within 3 years. If only I could get my mutual funds, real estate, and 401k to pay this type of return.

Potential Pitfalls:

Rankings could slip / site penalized

This is mitigated by providing Native English written reviews and providing a relevant Youtube video. Give the end user value and there shouldn’t be a problem. Our average time spent on page is very high (minutes long) whereas bounce rate is a healthy level.

Adsense could get banned

Again, don’t do something shady like encourage ad clicks or use blackhat spun content to rank. You have to either write the content yourself or invest in an expert in this area. You can also diversify by using multiple ad networks such as Yahoo/Bing contextual ads, and a few others but we view as adsense as the best and you shouldn’t muzzle the ox considering our traffic is mostly from big G.

Amazon could get banned

Stay within TOS and this shouldn’t happen. Website is not misleading users and has a clear Amazon image graphic to check out deals or buy now if interested. Don’t forget there is also Walmart, Target, and other major retailers that are opening up their online affiliate stores if you wish to further diversify.

I would label something like this a calculated risk, whereas we are not speculating on the price of gold, or future markets. It’s moderately risky to assume you can rank for phrases, but if you build solid content and offpage promotions the results should be measurable, repeatable, scalable and profitable. The end user wins, Google delivers awesome relevant results, and consumers have a chance to buy through the most trusted platform online, Amazon. Time to scale this operation!